Ringing the Bells for St. Thomas

April 8, 2014

... the bells which ring at every hour of the day when we pray and at every stage of our life, for the new-born, the newly wed, and the deceased, are like the amplified voice of our joys and sorrows and, as such, have a ‘moral sympathy with our hearts.’
— Jean Hani

The four bells for St. Thomas Aquinas were tested by The Verdin Company. After testing is complete, the bells will be disassembled, inscribed, and all of the bell hardware painted. This important stage in their production is one step closer to their installation in the bell tower above the St. Thomas Aquinas Church - Newman Center. Once installed these the bells will announce the call to worship and signal the sacred presence for generations to come in the city of Lincoln, Nebraska.

See the video for the very first listen to the voices of these four bells: