The Dairy House: Data Security, Inc.

Lincoln, Nebraska

Originally home of the Beatrice Creamery, the Dairy House complex consists of twelve buildings on a block in the South Haymarket district of Lincoln. Built between 1904 and 1980, the twelve buildings contain over 157,000 square feet and have structural systems ranging from a five-story bearing wall incorporating timber, a six-story concrete bell column and slab system, to multiple steel frame buildings. Purchased in 2010 by Telesis, Inc., the Dairy House will undergo major renovations in the coming years to convert the former dairy buildings to commercial use.

The first renovation, completed in 2014, was the corporate offices and production facility for Data Security, Inc., a subsidiary of Telesis that produces magnetic media disposal systems. Data Security occupies two buildings on the northwest side of the block. Their offices are located in a two-story building and their production facility is located on two floors of the adjacent six story building. The main production room was originally used for ice storage and remnants of its former use are still visible in markings on the walls and columns noting how high the ice was stacked. 

Future projects at the Dairy House include Empyrean Brewing Company's corporate offices, brewery, and tasting room.